MCTC Marine Ltd is an international maritime catering management and training business. It has developed a Catering Management service that covers the vessel’s entire catering management needs such as recipe planning, menu management, health and nutrition, including ordering supplies, which all reduce vessel running costs.

MCTC also uses distinctive training methods and offers support 365 days a year which incorporates a 360 degree development and upgrade training with a range of training programmes, both onshore and offshore. Clients can choose to subscribe to its popular Catering Competency Development Programme, which includes distance coaching, support and consultancy, regular vessel visits, and trade tests for evaluation of new or existing employees.

MCTC employs a dedicated and expert team of Culinary Training Consultants who are always on hand to help trainees, offering advice and guidance every step of the way. MCTC also offers a range of services to cruise ship operators in managing their catering operations.

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