Website: www.oceaniccatering.com

Oceanic Catering is a global leading Marine Hospitality and Catering specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in serving the maritime community.

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, and a global presence in 16 strategic locations, we currently oversee the catering needs of approximately 1,500 worldwide trading vessels of all types.

We offer a simple, flexible operating model that caps the OPEX and victualing costs of our Principals, while comprehensively supporting our Seafarers’ welfare.

With an annual procurement of $130 million and a network of 400+ suppliers covering all possible ports of call, we ensure variety and quality of provisions at most competitive prices.

Our 1,500m² hospitality training centre in Manila and other key locations, coupled with our eLearning, travelling chefs and catering superintendents, provide continuous trainings to approximately 5,000 catering crew annually.

We are vigilant, attentive and service driven, always striving to exceed our Client’s expectations through professional, transparent and compliant service.

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