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MariApps is a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry. With the unique ERP product smartPAL, a fully digitized, web and cloud based, mobile compliant intelligent ERP covering almost 30 plus applications. smartPAL encompass all functional aspects for the marine industry including Crewing, Payroll, PMS, Purchase, Accounts, Catering, Voyage, Dry Dock, QDMS, Insurance to name a few with a strong analytical tool providing insights on data in the system.

World-Link works with various satellite operators to deliver end to end communications services for the merchant shipping industry. World-Link has offices around the world including USA, Argentina, Russia, Cyprus, Dubai, Greece.

World-Link Communications provides the following services:

  • Airtime connectivity – Inmarsat, Intelsat & Iridium
  • Installation and configuration onboard
  • 24x7x365 after sales support from certified engineers
  • Software solutions developed in-house

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