"Maritime Cyprus 2017" Conference is Open for Registrations

11 August 2017

About the Conference

Shipping is still the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly method of transporting goods on a global basis. But what is the future of shipping, and how is it being impacte…

“Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference (Day 3)

16 September 2015

Press Release

The “Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference, a Conference of a worldwide range, organised for the fourteenth time since its inception in 1989, was continued today in Limassol for third day and has successfully reached its completion. The large…

“Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference - Young Executives Session (Day 2)

15 September 2015

Press Release

The Young Executives Session of the maritime sector took place this afternoon, with great success and attendance, for the fifth time.

The young executives (under forty years of age) were presented with the opportunity to discuss and exchange view…

“Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference (Day 2)

15 September 2015

Press Release

The second day of the Conference "Maritime Cyprus 2015" successfully kept the momentum that we have experienced in the previous day. Hundreds of distinguished participants from all around the globe, followed the proceedings of the second day of the …

“Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference (Day 1)

14 September 2015

Press Release

The opening today of the internationally renowned “Maritime Cyprus 2015” Conference at the “Evagoras Lanitis Centre” in Limassol was a great success as it has been attended by distinguished speakers and more than 700 shipping…